Planting Flowers in Homeschool

Alhamdulilah spring is in the air, and we are teaching the children about flowers. What makes flowers grow, and what is needed.

The children were excited because we went a different route, we paper mache dish detergent bottles and made them into planting pots for our indoor garden.


We cut the dish detergent bottle in half…added holes at the bottom and the children paper mache them, then painted them. The next day we planted our flowers in them.

It was pretty fun to do.


The children planted wild flowers, basil, radishes, and dill.


Not in the same containers though 🙂 this was just one set that we finished.  What you can discuss with your children about this is the fact that Allah created everything and He is known as Al Khaliq- The Creator… this is a good way to teach the children one of the names of Allah and also explaining that it is Allah Who provides us with the herbs that we feed us and the flowers and trees.

Allah’s creation is so beautiful and we should take care of it, by never throwing trash on the ground, recycling, and doing our part no matter how big or small to take care of what Allah has given us 🙂



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