Little Muslims- Just What Our Little Muslims Need


Alhamdulilah it has been some time since we have blogged here, but  the children have been learning and growing mashaAllah. It’s been a blessing to be able to document the journey with everyone.

Recently we recieved some great books from Little Muslims! Wow subhanAllah, I was excited when I opened the package to see these awesome books:

LittleMuslimsReview 006

Needless to say the children were excited too:


My husband and I appreciated the Arabic terms and the fact that there is diversity in each book, the children were able to see different spectrums of children and regions that were represented in the book.  This opened the doors for more discussion on diversity and different parts of the world and the blessing to be able to read the words as salaamu alaykum, Allahu akbar, etc

They were able to identify with the characters and the wording was age appropriate mashaAllah.

LittleMuslimsReview 3

At the end of each of book there were simple questions to ask that related to each coloring book/ story book mashaAllah. It helped us to have a discussion and talk about what we learned and how we can relate.

The illustrations were beautiful, bright and captured the children’s attention.

LittleMuslimsReview 4

We sang and danced to our own tune to 5 Little Muslims mashaAllah, these books are perfect for our circle time…and great all the time!



Makes a great gift for children. We are looking forward to seeing more books from Little Muslims inshaAllah.

Find them here:


Encourage your children to love Allah and learn about His Creation through these wonderful books mashaAllah. It has wonderful Islamic vocabulary words, the 5 pillars of Islam and more. Children can color in it as well and learn so much alhamdulilah!


We give it an A+ for it’s Islamic content, diversity, and confidence building qualities. Your Little Muslim will fall in love with Little Muslims!


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