Word Family Sandwich

We played a game making pretend sandwiches!

Well with one of the children learning to put the sound of words together, we decided to expierment and make one of the pieces of bread the AT family and then in order to add to the sandwich they had to read the words correctly…

Take a look:

wordsandwichyogurt 001

So our 4 yr old has been liking this and once he gets the lettuce mustard and tomato ..he has to add the last piece of bread on top to complete the sandwich lol alhamdulilah he wold pretend to eat it at the end

A lot of the time the children are visual and so this got them excited, we played pretend and practiced some reading

InshaAllah I think we will do this again 🙂

What do you think? Any ways we could make this better? I’m looking to try this with my 5 yr old, with milk and cookies pictures, each one he gets right he can pretend to dip it in the milk!

They would love that.

The neat thing is, our two year old is catching on to it, he has been reading words alhamdulilah and enjoys sitting in on the lessons. He will practice with them, hmmm saves us work for when he really gets into the lesson!


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