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April 24, 2011

>Rub a Dub Dub, We painted The Tub


 What would bath time much more fun? bathtub paint!! Make bath time extra fun with this idea.

Its nothing easier then letting the children get artsy messy and clean in one setting.

½ cup liquid hand soap, clear or white
1 teaspoon cornstarch
Food coloring

We tried out red yellow and green food coloring mixed them in separate bowls with a little dish deteregent and a little cornstarch.

 As the children played in the tub my hubby brought up their paint and they had a blast!!

You cannot pass up this idea to do with your children especially if you are the kind of parent who does not like paint all over the place, my two year old loves to paint himself, so with this kind of paint it did not matter if he put it on his legs (which is what he usually does) and he had such a good time!

I enjoyed them having fun and when it was all done I cut the shower on and it washed right away!

Easy clean fun 😉

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