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September 5, 2011

We Painted With Crayons!

What can you do with those old broken crayons? We decided to melt them in the oven and paint with them.

In an oven safe pan or muffin tin, place broken crayons inside and we had the oven preheated at 350 and we placed the crayons in, it took maybe 10 mins for the crayons to look like the picture, all melted.

The first time we stuck it in the freezer to use them for coloring but we changed our mind and added more crayons to it, put it back in the oven and decided to paint our tree with them.

Here are some of the leaves the children painted with the melted crayons




The children had a blast painting the leaves with the fall colors.

We made a tree on the wall for fall afterwards.

August 11, 2011

Ramadan Moon, Stars & Homemade Paint

Ramadan Idea Day 8

After learning about the moon and its phases this would be a nice follow up

We traced a lot of moons and stars for the children to paint and hung up the moons and stars all over the wall!

We ran out of paint but alhamdulilah we know how to make our paint. Here is the recipe for home made paint:


Super Easy Finger Paint recipe

2 cups white flour

2 cups cold water

food coloring we used neon for a brighter look.
Pour water into a large mixing bowl. Start slowly adding flour to the water while stirring. Keep adding the flour and stirring until the ingredients are fully mixed together. Separate portions to empty baby food jars or other containers and add food coloring to each to make different colors!

August 4, 2011

Ramadan Sponge Painting & Moon Phases

Ramadan idea day 5

This is a nice science idea we came up with.  For the boys to learn that Ramadan begins when we see the new moon we would explain the phases.

We told the children the ways the moon looks through the month.

From the beginning of each month the  moon will go through several differences (phases) before the next month comes.

And will start over again as a new moon


To teach this we decided it would be best to learn the moon phases with paper plates and sponge painting.

We learned that moons go through certain stages:





We bought blue paper plates from the store and cut them into the shapes of each phase.

Next we used white paper plates for the boys to paint the phases of the moon and match them to the blue paper plate ones.

Weeks ago we bought pool noodles from the store and have yet to use them. Today they were used for our sponges.


Later when the sponges dry we will string them and them up as decorations 😉 look for that post later this week inshaAllah!

August 4, 2011

Ramadan Suncatchers

Ramadan idea day 4

On the Habeebee Homeschooling facebook page we had an excellent post from sister Jazmin who made suncatchers with her children. Alhamdulilah this morning we did our own version of the suncatchers. 

Hubby and I cut out different pictures, we did a moon and stars, and made two masjids for the children to decorate.

The boys glued the tissue paper behind each one and we hung them in the window.

Materials needed for this are black construction paper or cardstock glue and tissue paper.

We made a few more with different colors but here are pictures of two that children have in the window

We have to thank Jazmin for this cute and fun Ramadan idea!


August 1, 2011

Ramadan Duaa (Prayer) Hands

Alhamdulilah our day 2 activity are duaa hands!

A nice sister in Yemen gave us this wonderful idea a couple Ramadans ago. For this idea, we talked about the importance of duaa and the children said the duaas they wanted to make and I wrote them down for the boys. Not your typical hand crafts project, we placed the left hand on the right side of the paper and the right hand on the left side of the paper. This gives the palms out look for making duaa.

The following hands are of our two year old son Tasbeeh. He made the following duaas. “Oh Allah, help my family.” and “Oh Allah protect Takbir” there was also a third request for a Banana but that picture is not up lol

What I personally love about this Ramadan craft is that it teaches the children to turn to Allah (the arabic word for God/ as people who speak spanish say the word Dios– same meaning but different language) for their needs because we are dependent on Him and He is the best One to turn to. Often we go over duaas with the children, saying duaa before we leave the house, before we eat and this craft came naturally to them when it came to say what duaas they had in their mind.

Takbir made duaa for Allah to protect Tasbeeh, his toys, and family. I love hearing the children make duaa for themselves and hearing what they had in mind. Parents can have children young or old, do a set of duaa hands one a day through out the month or even put a few goals, asking Allah for help in accomplishing those goals. Each boy did three sets of duaa hands and we have six hanging on the wall. It’s also great use for practice reading,