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October 20, 2014

Traveling Homeschooling Family- Pictures

Just  few photos from our trip 🙂 inshaAllah will dd some on the next post

Enjoy… the children are having a good time and learning as we go nychsnychs2nychs3nychs4nychs5nychs6nychs7nychs8nychs9

February 21, 2013

Memorizing Matching Game

matchingame A pack of cards from the dollar store and cardboard you will have a great matching game!

The children had to name the letter on the yellow box, flip the card over and then name the letter on another yellow box and do the same, if it was a match they could keep it, if not they had to put it back and remember later where the pictures were.

A great way to teach several lessons:

Letter recognition
Names Of Objects

With a pack of cards you can change up the pictures several times.
You can also change the cards and do this with matching Arabic letters or english alphabet if you want to practice memorizing arabic letters and numbers and english letter recognition




February 21, 2013

Circular Journal Writing

homeschoolideas 015

Today we worked with circulars. Okay circulars are cool for several reasons. One you can teach about money, name different foods, and practice reading skills.

Also this was a good way to practice cutting skills.  homeschoolideas 016The boys enjoyed cutting out the foods they wanted to get from the grocery store and glued them in the books. For our oldest son after he put them in his book, he practiced writing by looking at the names of the items and wrote it out next to the picture. homeschoolideas 018For extra fun the next time you go to the grocery store allow children to spot the items on their list and even name the numbers to teach how much foods cost. a great way to teach number recognition.

We talked about health foods too.

So much fun you can do and learn from the grocery store circular

February 21, 2013

Clothespin Matching

homeschoolideas Alhamdulilah we ha a fun time matching our clothespins with the cards. We also raced each other to see who could finish their cards first.

Clothes pins came from the dollar store, and you can write on both sides of the clothes pin

homeschoolideas 003 We put them away in our bucket so we can have them for another day.


Lessons to learn: Letter identification
Alphabetical Order
Upper and Lowercase Letter

homeschoolideas 012

We also did team work to complete the cards! Pretty fun, affordable and a great way to teach several concepts. we also made some of the letters different colors so the children can also name the colors.

January 22, 2013

Boys And Cars

Guest Post By: Hafsa Taher

Boys and Cars. Two words that go together like peanut butter and jam. My nephew turned two recently, and given his love for anything that rolls, I decided to work on one for him. Oh, did I mention I had a helper? My niece who’s 5 yrs old.

I came across this awesome tutorial on Pinterest, so we got working. And here’s our end result:



You’ll need:
  • Tissue tubes
  • Paint
  • A lid of some sort to trace the wheels
  • 4 brads per car
  1. Start by painting the tissue tube
  2. cut out the wheels and paint them black
  3. stick your wheels using brad
  4. And don’t forget to seat your drivers in! 😉
Here’s the original tutorial I had found on Pinterest:
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Hafsa Taher is the founder of – Her motto is “Pray, Love, Craft”. When she is not crafting or playing with her niece and nephew, she is Pinterest-ing and day dreaming about her next DIY! Check out her website here: