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January 22, 2013

Boys And Cars

Guest Post By: Hafsa Taher

Boys and Cars. Two words that go together like peanut butter and jam. My nephew turned two recently, and given his love for anything that rolls, I decided to work on one for him. Oh, did I mention I had a helper? My niece who’s 5 yrs old.

I came across this awesome tutorial on Pinterest, so we got working. And here’s our end result:



You’ll need:
  • Tissue tubes
  • Paint
  • A lid of some sort to trace the wheels
  • 4 brads per car
  1. Start by painting the tissue tube
  2. cut out the wheels and paint them black
  3. stick your wheels using brad
  4. And don’t forget to seat your drivers in! 😉
Here’s the original tutorial I had found on Pinterest:
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Hafsa Taher is the founder of – Her motto is “Pray, Love, Craft”. When she is not crafting or playing with her niece and nephew, she is Pinterest-ing and day dreaming about her next DIY! Check out her website here:

August 11, 2011

Ramadan Smells Good

Ramadan Idea day 10

We did blog this one before but definitely worth repeating. This is a nice sensory activity with the use of spices from around the home. Because its Ramadan cinnamon and other sweet pleasant like spices came to mind. 

There was a post recently on a Montessori blog about spices recently and this also is fun to have the children smell the spices and pick which ones they like and which ones they did not find appealing!

On the construction paper we did designs in glue, in this case moon and stars and let the children sprinkle the spices they liked on the paper. MashaAllah after it was done they kept smelling the artwork.

You can also expand on this lesson by talking about the nose and how the nose’ job is to smell and talk about what smells you like and which ones are not so pleasent. Make a chart of what the children enjoy smelling and what they don’t!

August 11, 2011

Ramadan Ceiling Decorations

Ramadan Idea Day 9

Not only do we decorate the walls for Ramadan but the ceilings too! It gives the room a much festive look to it, and on breezy days in the summer its nice to watch them blow in the wind.

This is a simple one, we cut out shapes we liked and let the children color or paint them. After they have dried (if you used paint) we punch a hole on the top and string it with yarn mashaAllah a simple activity but makes the house extra beautiful.

If you have ceiling decorations then you know how much joy a child gets when they look up at the ceiling seeing the pictures they decorated.

My children always tell company to come and look at their latest project on the walls or their decorations mashaAllah it really helps their self esteem.

August 11, 2011

Ramadan Bulletin Board

Ramadan Idea Day 7

Alhamdulilah we pray everyone is having a blessed Ramadan! For homeschool we do bulletin boards often, and we have a great time picking a theme each month for our bulletin board display. This month alhamdulilah we have a Ramadan display. At the moment I will post a picture of our bulletin board last year.

We drew the Kaba and the boys colored it along with coloring moon and stars to hang up around the Kaba mashaAllah.
Our vocabulary words during Ramadan were Kaba, Allah, Prophet Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa salaam and Ramadan.

Our border is home made scraps of paper we used to cut out a previous project and instead of throwing it away we used it for being our bulletin board border!

August 4, 2011

Ramadan Suncatchers

Ramadan idea day 4

On the Habeebee Homeschooling facebook page we had an excellent post from sister Jazmin who made suncatchers with her children. Alhamdulilah this morning we did our own version of the suncatchers. 

Hubby and I cut out different pictures, we did a moon and stars, and made two masjids for the children to decorate.

The boys glued the tissue paper behind each one and we hung them in the window.

Materials needed for this are black construction paper or cardstock glue and tissue paper.

We made a few more with different colors but here are pictures of two that children have in the window

We have to thank Jazmin for this cute and fun Ramadan idea!