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May 6, 2011

>Habeebee Homeschooling meets American Muslim Mom


Alhamdulilah Ponn Sabra’s intervew with Habeebee Homeschooling went pretty well. Its very interesting when the shoe is on the other foot lol mashaAllah. We are so used to giving the interviews on our show Homeschooling Now! that its a rare feeling to be the one being interviewed.

Reflections: Some of my notes from the show

About the article “Feeling Overwhelmed”-
We must remember that others may not have the benefit and pleasure of doing such an extraordinary task which is homeschooling, and in that we must show thanks and remember Allah for everything He has given. There is an ayat in the Quran that says:
It is through the remembrance of Allah that the heart discovers rest.” 13:28 subhanAllah so when we feel like things are too much and feel over loaded ..we must remember Allah for that peace in our heart and you will approach everything in your life differently.

My husband insired me to write a part two to that article alhamdulilah it felt like a much needed article for myself and for others. Some days we have to learn how to get refreshed relaxed and rejuvenated.

On the article putting the PR in Homeschool:
I have heard parents swear at their children on the street and it hurts me and saddens me, the world has these kind of people in it..muslim and non muslim, I pray the article can help parents see that those negative and hurtful statements will cause long term harm if continued.

Both of these articles can be found on this blog mashaAllah, they serve as reminders and reflections of what I have seen heard or experiened.

It was a good interview mashaAllah would love to hear any feedback on it!