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May 13, 2011

>Thumb Print Flowers

> We finally got the camera working to upload our photos from the Habeebee Homeschooling Children’s Crafts Challenge! Alhamdulilah last week the theme was flowers and we saw a neat idea for flowers made out of thumb prints on another childcare website.

People were surprised that a two yr old and three yr old could sit still long enough for this. It was not a problem and the boys really enjoyed it.

We want to frame it and hang it on the wall inshaAllah its very neat and they love walking by saying ooooh flowers lol

Also we made a big sunflower and using a top from an empty grits container the boys painted it black and help put up all the parts of a flower on the wall

So this one is really simple all it requires is paint construction paper and little thumbs!
Its a good way to have their little prints in the shape of flowers

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May 9, 2011

>Flower Theme Challenge: Fancy Flowers

>By: Safiya

Was happy to find your blog and FB page and to read and learn about you’re adventures with you’re children. Ma sha Allah you’re Ideas and tips are really great and easy. Am really newbie to this idea with no experience at all in teaching, just began it few days still back still dont know my head from my toe on how to and where too. :)…but reading encouraging blogs like you sisters keeps my spirit high! alhamdulilla.

I am attaching a flower me and my four year old daughter Maryam did, I did this activity as a basis for her scissor holding and cutting. I cut long strips of it and she snipped them into tiny square pieces. Then sticked them to a flower I drew on the page we did it over two days, here’s the final image.

Alhamdulilah we are honored by Saifya’s words mashaAllah she also has a blog as well

May 9, 2011

>Flower Theme Challenge: Shell Flowers

>We had recently gone away to the seaside, and the kids collected alot of shells as usual.
So, there was no doubt that this project was going to be made with shells !
Muhammad (aged 4) was the main artist – with my assistance.
We glued the flattest shell as the center of the flower.
I wanted to use the other shells as the petals, but Muhammad vetoed that idea  , instead we used them for the stem and leaves which I think worked out better.
We had a collection of other odds from  a pot-pourri set which worked out well for the petals and to add a bit of colour.
We had glued it to card stock, but now that it’s all dry, the card seems too thin for the weight of the shells,  so we’ll have to reinforce it with a stronger board.

By: Carimah & Muhammad,
Cape Town, South Africa

May 9, 2011

>Flower Theme Challenge: Felt Flowers

> By: Kalimah

This week  we made felt flowers in a vase.  We traced and cut the flowers from felt, I had to do the cutting since the felt is difficult to cut with the kids scissors.  Then the kids threaded the flowers onto the green pipe cleaners for stems.  They gave the pipe cleaner a twist after the last flower was on, to hold them in place, then they ripped a small piece of yellow tissue paper and bunched it up and glued it onto the flowers for the middle.  We wrapped a cleaned out pasta sauce jar with pink tissue paper, mixed craft glue with a little water, and they used paintbrushes to thoroughly coat the paper and adhere it to the jar. Adding water to the glue helped it to spread easier, and dry to a clear and glossy finish. 

This was fun, and even my younger son, age 1, got to help, he ripped and scrunched up the yellow tissue!  So, it really was a fun family activity ❤

May 9, 2011

>Flower Theme Challenge: Flower Pencils

>By: Jamila Alqarnain
This is one of my favorite crafts! Flower pens/pencils are fun and very easy make . You can sell them, give them as gifts, or keep them for your own personal use. There are a few different ways to make them but I think my way is the easiest alhumdulilah. Here’s how you do it:


silk flowers
floral tape
pencils or pens
wire cutters

Use your wire cutters to clip the silk flower stem down to about 4 inches. Use two small pieces of floral tape to cover the top part of your pen or pencil. If you are making a flower pencil you may want to skip this step so the eraser can be used later on. Next hold the stem of the flower close to your pen or pencil. Start at the top and begin to twist the floral tape tightly around the pen or pencil and the stem. Twist it down to about one inch from the bottom. You should leave enough space to put the cap on your pen or to sharpen your pencil. Alhumdulilah thats it! Enjoy:-)