Curriculum: Habeebee Scholars In Training

We just started using our own curriculum for pre k- 1st grade alhamdulilah. After much time of looking and looking for the perfect curriculum, we decided to make our own and put the core learning requirements in it which include Islamic studies, Quran, and Arabic for language. Alhamdulilah we are excited.

We put a lot of time love and care into it. With approval from friends, teachers, and family we are even more confident we are making the right decision this year by not only  taking the lead in their education but taking the lead in how we go about it.


6 Comments to “Curriculum: Habeebee Scholars In Training”

  1. Is your curriculum available to everyone?

  2. How do I get hold of this curriculum please.


  3. Me too please. Jazaki Allahu khayran!

  4. I too would like get hold of this curriculum please. Baraka Allah Feek

  5. Salaam Dear homescholling parents, nice to read your heart warming blog? may you and your husband enjoy what you are doing? How can I get the curriculum that you people have devised.

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