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December 12, 2011

Body Measurements

We had a Peter Pan moment where the boys enjoyed the body cutouts for about a hour, before we actually used them to measure items around the house.   

We simply used cardboard boxes, the boys laid on them and we traced their body on it and cut it out.


We made number cards on index cards to mark the spots on the wall so we could easily keep count


You can use the body cutouts to label body parts as well, it’s a great visual aid but the main thing is that it is personal because its them and so the children obviously named their cutouts after themselves: Takbir and Tasbeeh




Tomorrow inshaAllah we will use them for body parts, more measurements and play time 🙂

December 6, 2011

The Anatomy Of A Worm and Worm Hunt

Tomorrow inshaAllah we will go over the anatomy of a worm but I prepared for the lesson today.

We wanted a brief and not complex description of the parts of the worm. I used this website: and used the basic parts for the boys to learn. We knew there were more parts like the gizzard etc but to keep it simple we introduced parts they were familiar with and a new one called segments, the rings around the worm.

You can use stockings for this, we stuffed the inside with plastic bags and then used tape to make the rings around the body..the segments

We labeled each part and then we put the words and their definition on the wall, and it is written in basic terms that they could read on their own, whenever they want to go visit the wall and talk to each other..then they will be able to read it inshaAllah! Without tomorrow looks like another wormy day inshaAllah

But today was a worm hunt, in the fields and bringing the lessons to the streets LOL

It was a rainy day alhamdulilah and so our job was pretty easy, all we needed were our tools…a cup and some sticks then we went digging in the dirt:  

December 6, 2011

The Week Of Worms..So Far

The first two days or worms we worked on our worm word wall and learned some really great facts about the worm

We learn about how many hearts a worm has and how they have no teeth

The second day we are working on the anatomy of a worm, and more facts. We are introducing new vocabulary words from the word wall in all the lessons this week. Here are our two projects so far!

Our words come from the Dolch list for preschool and first grade.

Then we made cereal worms to begin our intro the anatomy of a worm

We simply allowed  the children to glue the cereal on the paper and make a cereal tree


InshaAllah later we will go on a worm hunt!


December 2, 2011

DIY- Literacy Fun: Popout Book

We made the boys a count and find pop out book. It was fun and easy to make. We called this book “We Like Animals”  it is the story of three different animals and they are looking for something in the story. 


The first is a dinosaur he is looking for his orange ball

The second is a bear and he is looking for three trees

The last is a butterfly and he is looking for a big flower.  This DIY book had the boys find the items and count, also name colors and the animals they were looking at.

You can make this by doing the follow: 


Get a construction paper and fold it in half..cut two slits about an inch apart and then push the square inbetween the slits inside the fold. It should look like a box inside when you open it, and then you glue whatever object you want on it and around it

Put lines on the paper and write a story afterwards we taped them all together and then put one final layer of construction paper on top. Ta da!!



December 1, 2011

DIY- Double Sided Personal Puzzles


We had fun today making our own personal puzzles. We each drew and colored a picture, glued it to the back of the cereal box and then cut them out and put them back together.


After we finished playing with them we put them in ziploc bags to save for next time.

The children liked picking the picture and coloring it, we also showed them that when they flipped it over the cereal box in the back also becomes a new puzzle, so two puzzles in one 🙂 pretty neat right?

For literacy fun we added vocabulary words for reading practice (rocket, R, and cat)

We plan on making a few more inshaAllah as the more personal the games and ideas are the more the children enjoy it, the more they talk about it, and the more they love to work with it.