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April 27, 2011

>Indoor Rain!!

>Ok in taking the Habeebee Homeschooling challenge this week we did a water based activity.
We decided to do indoor rain, it was simple fun and the children enjoyed it

This is something best seen on video so I did a brief recording and took some pictures.

Directions: For this you need a small amount of hot water inside the jar. Place the lid ontop of the jar upside down and put several ice cubes on the lid. Moisture forms on the lid top inside the jar and soon you will see the moisture drip down like rain. warm air can hold more moisture than cold air. when warm air in the sky hits cold air higher up, it condenses turns into water vapor and rains 🙂
Part 2 of the science project we made ice with blue food coloring the second time around with the same concept in mind
April 24, 2011

>Rub a Dub Dub, We painted The Tub


 What would bath time much more fun? bathtub paint!! Make bath time extra fun with this idea.

Its nothing easier then letting the children get artsy messy and clean in one setting.

½ cup liquid hand soap, clear or white
1 teaspoon cornstarch
Food coloring

We tried out red yellow and green food coloring mixed them in separate bowls with a little dish deteregent and a little cornstarch.

 As the children played in the tub my hubby brought up their paint and they had a blast!!

You cannot pass up this idea to do with your children especially if you are the kind of parent who does not like paint all over the place, my two year old loves to paint himself, so with this kind of paint it did not matter if he put it on his legs (which is what he usually does) and he had such a good time!

I enjoyed them having fun and when it was all done I cut the shower on and it washed right away!

Easy clean fun 😉

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April 23, 2011

>Edible Playdough!

> The children and I made this quite some time ago. In our home we make edible playdough a very special activity that is done seldomly.


1 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup honey
2 cups powdered sugar

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl using your hands..until its a dough like texture and enjoy!

The children made little things with it and ate a little too lol

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April 23, 2011

>Gone Fishin’

> For the life of me, I cannot remember where I saw this idea at. We did not finish decorating the vox but I intend on doing that soon. This game was such a hit I actually had to hid it from the children!!

Pipe Cleaner
Blue construction paper
Glittler, crayings, paint etc

The children can decorate the box themselves first, making it an underwater theme. Draw some fis, seaweed and little rocks etc on the box.
Glue or tape the blue construction paper to the bottom inside of the box.
Take the pipe cleaners and make different size fishes of different colors.

Tie the maganet to the yarn and we put the yarn on a stick like a fishing rod.

Then go fish!

I love this game because not only does it tach them to focus they can learn about sizes and colors. after letting them play this for a long time, we started asking them to get the big yellow fish or say where is the smallest fosh and can you get it. I have to say this is one game that my children really enjoyed. You can make more than one fishing rod and let the children race to see who can get the most fish.


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April 21, 2011

>No Spinner Spin Art

>As all of my friends know my husband and I enjoy getting new ideas from . Deborah had this great idea for using a paper plate for spin art, see it here: Paper Plate Spin Art Without the Spinner For Preschoolers.

I love easy to do crafts where all the materials are at home. I did a little twist to this one. A year or so ago my husband bought these clear lids that were suppose to  be tops for everything, they did not work and so we just kept them. Good thing we never threw them away! I was in the kitchen making spaghetti..for eating, not for play lol when I saw those clear tops.

I told myself that this would be kinda similar to using a paper plate except with this the children could see the colors mixing and feel it. Here is our version of the spin art: