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October 31, 2011

Constructing A Kabah

For this month of Dhul Hijjah and Hajj we decided to do some Hajj related activities this week. We kicked things off with making our own Kabah.

We found some awesome history facts on the Kabah on Soundvision’s website, We shared with the children some facts about the Kabah and we looked at pictures of the Kabah online before we made it.

The boys did most of the work while we instructed them on how to glue the construction paper.


The boys paid much attention to the details of the kabah in the pictures we have seen. We even said that Kaf is for Kabah.

They went glue happy on this one “sharing” turns together and squeezing the glue, alhamdulilah they were happy and did not get glue all over the place so I was happy too 🙂  

The boys did an awesome job and after they added the yellow, hubby wrote the word Kaba in Arabic and English for the children




Facts about the Kabah taken from Soundvision’s website:

The other names of the Kaba

Literally, Kaba in Arabic means a high place with respect and prestige. 


The word Kaba may also be derivative of a word meaning a cube.

Some of these other names include:

Bait ul Ateeq-which means, according to one meaning, the earliest and ancient. According to the second meaning, it means independent and liberating. Both meanings could be taken

Bait ul Haram-the honorable house