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December 12, 2011

Body Measurements

We had a Peter Pan moment where the boys enjoyed the body cutouts for about a hour, before we actually used them to measure items around the house.   

We simply used cardboard boxes, the boys laid on them and we traced their body on it and cut it out.


We made number cards on index cards to mark the spots on the wall so we could easily keep count


You can use the body cutouts to label body parts as well, it’s a great visual aid but the main thing is that it is personal because its them and so the children obviously named their cutouts after themselves: Takbir and Tasbeeh




Tomorrow inshaAllah we will use them for body parts, more measurements and play time 🙂

July 31, 2011

Ramadan Fun Fruit Cups

Ramadan Mubarak! Alhamdulilah its that blessed time of the year and we are decorating! Day 1

This idea came to us as we were eating our snacks and we made project part of our Ramadan decorations. InshaAllah we will post more ideas through out the month inshaAllah.   This is a simple and fun idea to get children involved in Ramadan. For this idea all you need are fruit cups minus the fruit lol. Yarn and foam stickers or decoration items of your choice.

We used this time with the boys to teach several lessons using this arts and crafts moment. With our foam stickers we were able to go over shapes, colors and also use of the sense of hearing sounds.

We first shook the container while it was empty and naturally it made no sound and next we placed an object inside of the container before we closed it with krazy glue and the children shook it, learning that when there is some substance inside it makes a sound.

In this case we used a square block and octagon.

After putting a hole on the top and stringing yarn through we can now hang them from the ceiling.

InshaAllah we will have more ideas to post.

We pray everyone will have a blessed and fun Ramadan. Make the most of each day and make the most of each moment with your family.

June 29, 2011

DIY- Pattern Worksheet

DIY- Do It Yourself

My friend Nasrin gave me this idea. She is always good for sharing how to make worksheets and DIY homeschooling workbooks. We made this simple patterns worksheet for our boys.

Theres something about making worksheets for the children , it feels much more personal and much more involved in the homeschooling, thats just how we feel

Not only does it teach patterns but we went over colors and names of shapes.

This helps us save money on homeschooling material when we can make our own worksheets. Very simple to do and you do not have to be super into graphics and have all kinds of applications to do this.

This was done simply with Microsoft Wordpad and we added shapes and colors. Printed out two so they can glue the shape that goes next in the pattern. The boys caught on fast and finished the worksheet before I could print it. They actually watch us make it and asked could we add more. We did 4 lines of a simple patterns

We are now ready to move on to maybe a harder pattern. Its fun to make worksheets for the children. We will be making another pattern one soon for the upcoming issue of LIL Muslims Magazine & Workbook which features a lot of our homemade worksheets and awesome curriculum for young muslim children mashaAllah.

You can click our tab to check out more and how to purchase the magazine.

June 12, 2011

Make a Learning Poster

I actually seen this idea on Letter Of The Week- Brightly Beaming Resources. They have a curriculum from birth on up. I have been using it for a long time and my son has almost finished their curriculum, they are constantly updating it and so we are waiting for them to add more to it.

One idea from their website is to make your child a learning poster. The poster shows the weeks concentration, themes and what you expect to accomplish for the week. In this example  is one that I made using cardboard box, decorated with construction paper with homemade pockets at the bottom for any material I will hang up through out the week.

 The theme was numbers, written and numeral. The boys painted apples and after they dried I numbered them to 10, printed out some strips with the number and the name written out. Through the week the board became filled with more ideas surrounded by numbers

I really love this idea because it serves as a reminder for the parent and child, keeps all the skills and objective in place and the children can see through out the day and it helps them practice even when we are not officaly schooling at the time.


Cardboard box

Constructin Paper

Glue Glitter Markers etc

I put the boys names on top so they can also get used to their names and also because as my husband says people like to hear their name and see it. it became much more personal