>Flower Theme Challenge: Fancy Flowers

>By: Safiya

Was happy to find your blog and FB page and to read and learn about you’re adventures with you’re children. Ma sha Allah you’re Ideas and tips are really great and easy. Am really newbie to this idea with no experience at all in teaching, just began it few days still back still dont know my head from my toe on how to and where too. :)…but reading encouraging blogs like you sisters keeps my spirit high! alhamdulilla.

I am attaching a flower me and my four year old daughter Maryam did, I did this activity as a basis for her scissor holding and cutting. I cut long strips of it and she snipped them into tiny square pieces. Then sticked them to a flower I drew on the page we did it over two days, here’s the final image.

Alhamdulilah we are honored by Saifya’s words mashaAllah she also has a blog as well http://ilearnireadiwrite.blogspot.com/

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