Pretend Paleontologist

Looking for a great fun and easy lesson about dinosaurs? I love this idea and did not ind the boys being a bit messy with this one. Thanks to my husband for including the plastic sheet to put under the soil. 



 So… we never did any activity that included dirt                                 

 My husband and I thought of a fun idea last night.

Our two year old son loves dinosaurs, him and his brother had loads of fun with this idea.

Today we colored pictures of dinosaurs and explained to the boys how people called Paleontologist find dinosaurs.

We even prepared them for this by talking about what we plan on doing and how we will find dinosaurs too.

To make this lesson hands on we bought some soil from the store

put it in a bin and hid dinosaurs through out the bin

The boys with their shovels went on a dino expedition and

went through finding the dinosaurs and naming their colors as well.

We now have a big bag of soil so any more ideas for dirt based activites would be great!!

The next thing we may do is turn this into a volcano. It was great sensory fun as well because the boys kept putting their hand in the soil mentioning how soft and cool it felt and how they liked it a lot.

It was also unusual for the boys they were very timid too since they barely ever play in dirt.


5 Responses to “Pretend Paleontologist”

  1. So cute! What a great idea. You can easily adapt this for Arabic or naming the dino’s, finding rocks, bones, etc. You could have cards with the names of the dino’s and the children can match these as they dig them up.

  2. Aaah adorable 🙂 and such a big word!

  3. nice! try car derbys as well. my toddlers love running cars through the dirt and pockets of mud. One of the toddler teachers in the classroom next to mine put live worms in some wet dirt for their children to observe.

  4. What a great way to pretend and stretch those imaginations… with dirt! Love! I included this in a roundup of dirty, muddy ways to play! Couldn’t resist featuring you 🙂


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