Fun Writing and Pre-Writing Exercises

I love and Deborah recently was on a news broadcast sharing about different pre writing and writing exercises. We tried two of them here with our little spin on it.

Ziploc bag, Food coloring, and liquid soap and this became a fun writing exercise for our children.

The boys pressed on it, patted it, and rubbed their hands on it.

After getting to know this little contraption. We begin to make letters with it by tracing out letters with our fingers on the bag.

Our oldest son made a T. He eventually wrote his name in the goo.

This is a great mess free idea that the boys really enjoyed for a long time. We made many letters and talked about the sounds they make,






In our next writing exercise we used oats and farina (it’s like cream of wheat) and wrote in it more letter practice.


For pre-writing fun our two year old made circles and lines in it too.




Simple fun pre writing and writing exercises.


You can see Deborah’s video here for more great ideas:


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